Bike-Lift Europe

The Bike-Lift brand, is a leader in the production of equipment and accessories for motorcycles and motorcycle workshop set-up. The brand is appreciated all over the world by the main motorcycle manufacturers and by all international customers, thanks to its thirty years of experience, constant innovation, attention to detail and after-sales assistance. These are the strengths that allow Bike-Lift Europe to supply products, such as electric lifts and stands, appreciated internationally for their quality, functionality and design.

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Quad Lock

Quad Lock makes products for people with an active lifestyle. Based in Melbourne, Australia, we’ve been making solutions for smartphone mounting since 2011. Smartphones are our maps, our fitness trackers, our music, our connection with others and more.

Quad Lock makes life easier by having the power of your phone seamlessly integrated into your life.

Quad Lock features a patented dual-stage locking mechanism that securely locks your phone to the mount. It is also extremely quick to attach and detach with one hand.

It works so well that we regularly get emailed by customers ecstatic that their smartphones have survived some pretty bad cycling and motorbike accidents.

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Close to the motorcycles production, Accossato has started sales collaboration with the most important motorcycles companies. Since the beginning of these years are signed by the pillar in the company’s history with the decision to make available its expertise and technology in the welding of aluminum parts and steel in every major motorcycle manufacturers. The Accossato Group activity is divided between the co-design for the fulfilment of the products and for the serie production with the most important National and International motorcycles companies, but not only since some years Accossato deals with other action areas such us design and the design and implementation of its product range with the brand Accossato that is distributed nationally through a network of sales man and international distributors.

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Champion Oils

Release the full potential!

GS 27

Since 1968, we have been ensuring the perfect maintenance of cars, motorcycles and bicycles. If GS27® is the leading brand in vehicle car care products today, it’s because we have always considered quality as our priority.

Our goal is to constantly offer you the most effective and innovative products to guarantee you an unmatched result for your vehicle

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